Over the last decade Daniele Pierangeli & Marilia Melato have emerged as one of the most invigorating wedding photography dynamos in Europe, documenting love stories all across Italy and beyond. Their sun-filled images evince an omnisensorial feel, celebrating each gripping romance with unmistakable Italian sophistication.

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Memory | 记忆 | Mnimi | ذاكرة

A scant breeze sends her veil aflutter, the perfume on his wrist wafts as he leans in to kiss her. Their gravity of holding hands apposes the unwonted impression that they are not quite touching the ground. The intensity of dahlias, perpetuating their exhilaration, and their smiles. A garment hangs on his chair, a tower of champagne glasses gushes beside her. Fireworks shoot into the inky sky as they walk to first slow dance - a MEMORY - photographs that can, and will always bring it on...

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愛と光 | Ai to hikari | Love & Light | amore e luce

To us, Light is the constant, flowing, and excecptional material to measure time. With Light we draw its fleeting presence into a keepsake for people who entrust us. Like Love, Light is our cicerone, our gatherer, and our virtuoso. Like Love, Light is ethereal, substantial, stirring, exponentially wanton. Like Love, Light glares in the dark, and permeates the cracks. Like Light, Love is a place that breathes. And we are here to capture it. In Light, In Love - the soul of our craft.

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Love for what we do, a rummage about the perfect Light, and all the best Memories in between.

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That's how we run into eachother: halfway to a rendezvous with a new project, racing eachother who'd get there first.

What gently tugged at our heartstrings: Lightness.

Making eachother laugh hard. And photographing people who can't live without each other, celebrating their marriage in some of the world's most thrilling destinations.

One's years of experience in high-fashion and reportage, melded with the other's fondness for precission and luminous way of capturing the essence. We shared a common vision -and even used the same words to describe it.

The cats agreed. We were a quite the cliché. Two Leos in the same room, one with quite the dreadful penchant for vanilla, but both with bagfulls of photographic gear to paw. (Purrfection!)

When we're not boarding flights to follow our footloose couples living their best days, we jet-off to far-stretched corners of the globe and make plans for the next season. The cats agree again (but not always).

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Meet Marilia

Meet Daniele

Photography has always been a part of this former ballet dancer's life. After studying languages and graduating Law, Marilia found that working as a legal eagle for a state-of-the-art firm worked as a catalyst in her decision to leave it all behind and (re)define success on her own terms. Her genius at capturing images that keep dreams going on, allows her to craft visuals that feel like a moveable feast. She'll draw inspiration from a couple's à terre, their adages, and en avants, and translate their gestures into a sophisticated arabesque of brilliantly composed details, glances, and actions. Her aperture for great joys? Albus & Arya, our Siberian cats, a stack of newly-discovered books to devour, a New-York-state-of-mind, the mad fun only families can have, and steamy bowls of gnocchi al ragù.

With a talent for bringing out the human stories behind the lens, Daniele's photography has taken him across the world, from the infinitely alluring labyrinth of Tokyo's backstreets, to Miami's seductive magic city, and Indian Ocean archipelagos, where the volcanic tops stretch high above the clouds. His unparalleled ability to capture a moment, his sense of movement, and distinctive ways to compose an image, elevate his portraits and breathe life into the scene. He'll so profoundly read behind our couples' characters always bringing out their biggest smiles. To Daniele, leading a 5-star life is made up of loving and be loved fiercely, riding a bike across sundazed plains, catching a house's unique scent when people cook-out on a summer night, and unearthing the gold of inside out elegance.

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